Hope Interventions provides Professional Intervention and Addiction Consulting services in Austin, Texas.  As Texas Interventionists we serve ALL of Texas including San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and travel nationally to conduct interventions.

Hope Intervention’s aim is to provide hope to family members who are in the midst of crisis as a result of a family member’s or close friend’s addiction or other self-destructive behavior.  We provide hope, through the means of a substance abuse intervention, in order to convince your loved one to accept the help they need and to begin the process of recovery from their addiction.

You Deserve Hope

If you are the parent, spouse, or close loved one of a person currently engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as an addiction you are under attack or at least that is probably how you feel.  Feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, frustration, worry, anger, regret, resentment, guilt and deep sorrow are all common.  We at Hope Interventions understand those feelings all too well, having experienced that kind of pain within our own families.  We want you to know that you not alone and we aim to not only help your love one get help, but to help you heal as well.

No one should have to feel like they are under attack.  No one should feel like their life is spinning out of control, and that they are helpless and powerless to change it.  But that is the reality for an addict’s loved ones.  The addict may not see it or understand it, but we do.  You can not control or make the addict change, but you can have your voice heard and your request for them to get help answered through a professional intervention with Hope Interventions.  You can learn to set boundaries and firm limits.  You can come to a resolution that you are at peace with.  You can leave feelings of guilt behind because you know you are doing everything that is humanly possible to help your loved one.

Whatever path you may choose we truly wish you the best for you and your family.  Never give up hope.