How does a Hope Intervention work?

Gathering Info and Assessment

We begin by gathering information about your loved one’s past and current level of functioning.  This includes his history with his self-destructive behavior. We assess the extent of the problem to ensure that an intervention is the best course of action.  We do this by a series of in depth phone calls or meetings with those people closest to the person of concern.

Intervention and Treatment Planning

We begin planning and preparing for the actual intervention.  Decisions are made about who will be present, when it will be held and where.  In addition, we assist in the researching and the careful selection of the most appropriate treatment option for your loved one.  During this time all arrangements for treatment will be made.

Letter Writing and Pre-intervention Meeting

We guide you in the format in which you will write your intervention and bottom line letters.  An intervention letter is a carefully scripted way in which you will express to your loved one your concern and desire for them to get help.  Bottom line letters are only used in rare cases when the addict refuses treatment, and will state what members of the intervention team plan to do as a result of their refusal.  This involves setting limits and boundaries with your loved one.  We will then have a formal pre-intervention meeting with all members of your intervention team to practice the intervention and prepare for any challenges or obstacles that may occur during the actual intervention.  In addition, during the pre-intervention meeting attendees will engage in education on topics such as understanding addiction, enabling and co-dependency.

Intervention Day

The intervention itself should only take 1-2 hours, unless using a more invitational intervention model.  All team members are prepared and the intervention is facilitated in such a way that it leaves no room for denial, arguing, or challenging from the addict.  If your loved one agrees, he leaves for treatment as planned that day immediately following the intervention.   The Hope Interventionists may provide transportation for your loved one to their treatment center.


We believe the entire treatment process to be important and adequate follow-up to be necessary for overall healing.  We will assist your family, including all members of the intervention team if needed with locating appropriate resources to fully heal.  Not only does the addict need treatment, but those close to him who have been greatly impacted also need help.  We will provide you with support and counseling resources.  We may also assist with any other challenges that arise during the course of your loved ones treatment and with his discharge planning as necessary.