Never Giving Up Hope

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Many interventionists work independently.  At Hope we work as a team.  Instead of only receiving one perspective you receive two from two highly skilled experts.  We find that interventions run smoother with two interventionists working together as partners during family meetings, helping the different personalities involved to relate, calm, direct, engage, and confront as needed.

An important part of our service includes assisting families with proper treatment placement for their loved one.  We are familiar and have relationships with a variety of highly acclaimed treatment centers and aftercare providers all over the country.  We value matching our client’s unique needs with a specialized treatment setting, which best allows those needs to be met.

We are there for our clients through this entire process:  available to answer questions, reflect and discuss, and to provide education to family members.  We understand this is a very difficult time and we want it to be as easy and smooth as possible.  After the intervention we are available to you should any problems arise or if additional services are needed.  We want our clients to be satisfied, and most of all we want positive outcomes for everyone involved.  We know the importance of proper treatment center placement and appropriate discharge planning and services for aftercare.  We stay involved as much as needed throughout the duration of your loved one’s recovery.

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